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Batman: Arkham City Escape

Batman: Arkham City Escape

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  • Description

    Batman: Arkham City Escape is a two-player game that pits Batman against all of his greatest foes – from The Joker and Harley Quinn to Poison Ivy and The Riddler – as they try to escape Arkham City!

    In this game, one player represents Batman, and the other player has command of twenty members of Batman's rogues gallery, with each villain having abilities exclusive to that character. When Batman and a villain occupy the same space on the board, epic battles ensue as Batman utilizes his Utility Belt and Combat cards and risks retaliation from each villain. The player controlling the Arkham inmates earns victory points by helping the villains escape Arkham, while the Batman player gains points by apprehending his rivals before they make it out of the city, as well as by saving iconic allies by utilizing special gadgets from his utility belt. The first player to earn ten victory points wins!


    • 126 Game Cards
      • 40 Villain Cards
      • 40 Batman Combat Cards
      • 8 Utility Belt Cards
      • 10 Ally Cards
      • 10 Gargoyle Cards
      • 18 Setup Cards
    • 1 Batman Character Pawn
    • 8 Combat/Action Dice
    • 1 Batman Experience Die
    • 1 18" x 33" Double-Sided Game board
    • 1 Utility Belt Game board
    • 1 Rulebook


    Q: Under the Optional Rules, Batman can skip his entire turn to draw 3 Combat Cards if he has no cards in hand at the start of his turn. Is that option only available if you are playing with the Optional Villain rules?
    A: No, you are free to use that when playing with the normal rules.

    Q: If I don't wish to take a Hostage, can I move a face-down Villain onto a Batman Ally and NOT flip my Villain face up?
    A: A Villain ALWAYS flips face up when it occupies the same space as an Ally or Batman. Note that you can leave the Ally behind and not move with it, since a Hostage slows you down.

    Q: Can you play an attachment face down? Or onto a face-down Villain?
    A: No and no. You must play attachments face up and only onto face-up Villains. Otherwise you might inadvertently play a Villain card face down and not realize it for several turns.

    Q: If I make a Gel attack against a face-down Villain, does it flip face up?
    A: Yes. Otherwise you wouldn't know how many successes you needed.

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Coming February 5th
Coming February 5th
Coming February 5th
Coming February 5th
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    Burlington, other 27215
  • 336-584-1760
  • Thurs:3:00-8pm, Fri:3:00-9pm, Sat:11am-8pm, Sun. -Wed. Closed
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